Green Earth

Green Earth

When confronted with climate change and the deterioration in Hong Kong’s environment, many people prefer to stay comfortably in their air conditioned apartments or workplace and leave it to the next generation to find a solution.

We believe that this is not the right way to act. If we only think only of our immediate well-being, we will be placing a heavy and unfair burden on the next generation.

So we have got together to establish The Green Earth (TGE), and we will use our group’s green experience to help Hong Kong people join hands to move our city towards a much more sustainable mode of development.

We bring together youth and experience – one of our most experienced staff members has been working in the environmental protection field for longer than one of our younger colleagues has lived.

We believe that extravagant consumption is the root cause of many of the environmental problems we face today – our consumption levels in Hong Kong go way beyond our basic needs and eco-capacity. Hong Kong needs a change of mindset if these problems are to be overcome, and we intend to mobilise our experience and our enthusiasm to bring about this change.

Being a small team, TGE won’t be able to turn around a sick planet. This is why TGE will seek to appeal to you, together we will nurture the seeds of caring for the earth which we believe are in each of our heart so that TGE’s core value of cherishing the earth will thrive and a bigger team of people will act to improve this place where we live.