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Publicly listed in Hong Kong, NWS Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 659) is the diversified industries flagship of New World Development Company Limited (Stock Code:17) with a focus on infrastructure and services. It has diverse businesses and investments predominantly in Hong Kong and Mainland China, spanning sectors from toll roads, environmental management, commercial aircraft leasing, to logistics facilities, construction and transport, and facilities management. Please visit www.nws.com.hk for details.




Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong

Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong (“AGHK”) is a charitable institution composed of volunteers with mission to preserve Hong Kong’s landforms and rocks; to disseminate earth sciences; to promote sustainable geotourism and ecotourism and to make Hong Kong a better place to live in. AGHK organizes seminars, geoappreciation tours and campaigns, publishes articles and books to promote geoconservation; closely monitors developments and projects which might destroy our invaluable heritage and cooperates with government and conservation bodies to conserve our rocks and landforms.