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*Super Hero Experience Run_2018

Super Hero Experience Run

Race Category: Super Hero Experience Run (3km)
Race Date: December 8 (Saturday)
Baggage Storage Time: 7:00am to 8:45am
Baggage Storage Area: Pak Tam Chung P.H.A.B BBQ Site
Starting Time: 9:00am
Cut Off Time: 9:15am
Time Limit: 1 hours
Remarks Super Hero Experience Run is exclusive for invited NGOs.

important To ensure races are conducted in a smooth and orderly manner, each race will have a designated Start Time and our race officials reserve the right to stop latecomers from joining the race.
important Participants are required to store their baggage according to the designated areas and time.


Race Course Facilities

Refreshment Point

  • Distilled Water will be provided to runners at the Start/Finish Area and approximately every 1.5km along the race route.

First Aid

First Aid will be available at the Start/Finish Point and Refreshment Points.

Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets will be available at the Start/Finish Point.

*The Organiser reserves the right to the final decision on race course facilities.